Chromium Picolinate: For Serving, Side Effects and How to Take

Chromium Picolinate

The supplements and compounds slimming market has a peculiar compound called chromium picolinate, which is sold as the miracle mineral that helps you lose weight (among other effects, which we will see in more detail to the front). Like most dietary supplements, chromium picolinate is found mostly in the form of capsules and not all its uses have been regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

One of the main functions chrome effect is the effect of insulin; the lack of this mineral can lead to serious damage to insulin-dependent systems, which is responsible for raising the levels of glucose in the blood, such as after meals, supplying power. Another important role of insulin is to act on carbohydrate metabolism of fat and protein.

In alternative medicine, chromium picolinate is commonly used to lower cholesterol and optimize the use of glucose by the body. Sold in the supplement market, chromium picolinate is known to help in weight loss, while helps in reducing body fat and building muscle mass.

Chromium picolinate helps you lose weight?

Studies covering supplementation with chromium picolinate shows that there are some small benefits of this compound in weight loss or fat. However, this benefit is very small and the research shows that it can be lost with chromium picolinate is about 1 kilo.

There are no studies showing that chromium picolinate lose weight without diet and exercise aid. The various studies on the subject, one of them was published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and tested the effects of daily dosage of chromium picolinate for nine weeks. Guinea pigs of this study were football players and the changes were analyzed in the percentage of your muscle mass, body fat and strength. Like many other studies, chromium picolinate did not bring effective changes in body composition or strength of these players even during your workouts.

Studies have animals like guinea pigs show significant changes in the percentages of fat and muscle mass thereof. But those who use humans do not indicate chromium picolinate as a supplement to diets because its effects are minimal in the body.

Foods that contain chromium

As already said, the Chromium is a naturally occurring mineral found in many foods, even in small quantities. Diets based on these foods are not as effective because the amount of chromium present in them is very affected and impaired by the processes of agriculture and industry.

However, it is worth investing in the following foods, which are rich in chrome: broccoli, grape juice, potatoes, garlic, basil, orange juice, turkey breast, steak, whole grain breads, red wine, apples, bananas and beans. Already foods high in sugar, especially sucrose and fructose, contain little chromium and should be avoided.


Chromium picolinate is promoted in society as a miracle supplement able to bring numerous benefits, such as helping to fight diabetes, obesity and build muscle mass.

The truth is that chromium is a mineral and full of important benefits, which helps process carbohydrates and fats as well as optimizing the role of insulin, as we saw earlier. For these factors, it is believed that this supplement helps in weight loss, and reduce appetite, increase energy and strength. However, these factors are not all scientifically proven and it is important that a doctor or nutritionist advise the consumer is the best supplement to take is actually chromium picolinate.

How to take

After consulting a doctor and found that, of date, chromium picolinate is the best option for you, remains to be seen as taking this supplement. The intake should be between 25 and 35 mcg daily and during main meals. The trick is not to overdo the intake, as this could trigger several severe side effects. 

Side effects

Just as most supplements and medicines, chromium picolinate has some side effects if consumed daily, especially if combined with other substances.

If the person has allergies to any compound present in this mineral, it is important to avoid it. People with diabetes, cancer or immune system problems should consult a doctor before medicating yourself.

Some studies show that the side effects of chromium picolinate may be excessively severe, causing changes in DNA due to the combination of it with other chemicals, which can lead to cancer. In addition, there are reports that this supplement irritates the gastrointestinal tract and can trigger ulcers and some dermatitis.

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Do you know anyone who has taken and recommended supplementation with chromium picolinate? What were the results of this person? Would you take this supplement? Comment below.