18 Benefits of Salsa – For Serving and properties


Parsley or parsley is well known on a daily basis for its culinary use, however, it has many other properties that perhaps are unaware. When you find out what it is for the salsa will want to enjoy it in their food.

How to prepare the salsa diuretic tea

Among the benefits of parsley for health, the effect of diuretic tea is something that stands out because of its detoxifying properties promote an organic cleaning, whose effects may be noticed in a few days.

See how simple it is:

Take two cups of water to the fire. As it boils, turn off immediately. At that point, add a handful of parsley (about 4 tablespoons). Cover and let steep for a few minutes.

Take two cups a day.

If the taste is too strong, a few drops of lemon. In addition to helping to improve the taste, the lemon will also bring its antioxidant tea.

Try not to overly extend the use of this tea. Try not to exceed two weeks.

Before beginning this type of alternative therapy, read the contraindications below, and also seek medical advice, if she has a health problem.

Salsa benefits

We've put together the following 18 benefits of salsa, but there are certainly many more, especially in the popular wisdom, which hides incredible recipes with assertive results.

  1. Diuretic, helps eliminate fluid retention (edema) in the body;
  2. anti-inflammatory properties;
  3. Control blood sugar;
  4. Prevents clot formation, preventing spills;
  5. Acts to combat anemia;
  6. Lowers blood pressure;
  7. Helps in digestion of food by eliminating eating disorders;
  8. Relieves constipation and flatulence instestinal;
  9. Assists in liver inflammation processes;
  10. Assists in the process of urinary tract inflammation;
  11. Relieves asthma;
  12. It helps to expel kidney stones (nephrolithiasis);
  13. jaundice combat;
  14. Directly on the skin helps to close cracks;
  15. Relieves itchy insect bites when placed "in nature" on the affected site;
  16. It shows good results in the fight against arthritis;
  17. Detoxifying when added to juices;
  18. rejuvenating action. Learn more about this below.

Rejuvenating juice parsley

Among the benefits of parsley, one of them is their beautifying power.

This juice is great for giving an upgrade to the skin, nails and hair, and its main component is the chlorophyll of parsley.

If the parsley can be harvested in time to make the juice, that chlorophyll is 100% preserved, retaining all the properties and essential oils intact.

Coconut water is an excellent energy, which will replenish minerals, bringing moisture to the skin.

The orange contributes vitamin C in addition to their antioxidant properties.

Let him:

  • 1 cup coconut water;
  • 1 orange;
  • ½ cup parsley;
  • Ice.

Mix all these ingredients in a blender and take immediately.

The results will appear in a short time if swallowed daily, at least one glass.

Salsa Contraindications

Although Salsa properties are indisputable, some adverse events to its consumption may occur, such as:

  • It can stimulate menstruation, so it should be avoided by women who already have intense cycles, as well as in hemorrhagic cases;
  • Excess parsley tea can lower blood pressure too;
  • allergies;
  • Diabetics should be cautious, parsley lowers glucose levels, which may cause hypoglycemia;
  • Pregnant women should avoid it because it can cause bleeding;
  • chronic renal failure patients, consult your doctor;
  • Excess salsa can be abortifacient;
  • In some cases, salsa consumption may decrease glucose levels in the blood, interfering with sugar control, therefore, stop consuming juices and teas salsa at least in the two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Parsley x Interactions

The benefits of salsa are quite comprehensive, as we could see, however, that does not mean it can be eaten indiscriminately.

For cases in which the use of parsley is frequent and / or continuous, you must be aware of the following interactions:

  • warfarin: It is an anticoagulant drug. Its use concomitantly with juice or parsley tea may have harmed its effect. This applies to other drugs with the same function.
  • diuretics: Because one of salsa's properties be its diuretic effect, in the event of a medical recommendation for use of diuretic medications recommended to suspend the consumption of parsley, because excess fluid loss can cause disorders such as dizziness, excessively lower blood pressure , cramps, among others.
  • Aspirin: Who display allergic propensity to salsa and take aspirin, you may have this increased sensitivity. When in doubt, avoid the parsley.

nutritional values ​​of raw parsley (100 grams)

  % DV *
Energetic value33.4 kcal2%
carbohydrates5.7 g2%
proteins3.3 g4%
Saturated fat0.1 g-
polyunsaturated fats0.2 g-
dietary fiber1.9 g8%
soluble fibers0.5 g-
Calcium179.4 mg18%
Vitamin C51.7 mg115%
B6 pyridoxine0.5 mg38%
Phosphor49.4 mg7%
Manganese1.9 mg83%
Magnesium20.9 mg8%
lipids0.6 g-
Iron3.2 mg23%
Potassium711.3 mg-
Copper0.2 ug0%
Zinc1.3 mg19%
niacin0.7 mg4%
B1 thiamin0.1 mg4%
riboflavin B20.2 mg15%
Sodium2.3 mg0%
Source: TACO - Brazilian Table of Food Composition

*% Daily Values ​​are based on a diet of 2,000 Kcal or 8.400kj.

Your daily values ​​may be higher or lower depending on your needs.

Parsley and parsley are the same thing?

Many confuse. In practice, green scent is a mixture of parsley and chives (not to be confused with onions).

In some regions, especially in the Northeast, it is added to this mix the cilantro, which is also an aromatic herb, but with very pronounced flavor. Therefore, parsley and parsley are not the same thing.

In time, salsa and parsley are the same, but parsley and celery are distinct food.

Did you know all these benefits of salsa for fitness and health? It is a frequent consumer of it? Now that you know for serving salsa how you want to use it in your food? Comment below!