13 Benefits of Basil – For Serving and properties


The Basil consumption is increasingly being associated with a number of health benefits. But what good is basil? What are its properties to fitness and health? In addition to its culinary function as a spice often used in many foods, it also protects the body to bacterial attacks, stimulates memory, improves skin and vision and relieves stress. Known since ancient Greece, the spice also performs the functions of detoxifying, antiseptic and helps restore the body from all kinds of infection.

1. Treatment of colds

One of the benefits of basil is the improvement of the immune system. Its leaves are used to treat colds. It is recommended to chew them for the relief of colds and flu. Strong antibiotic basil properties protect the body against bacteria and infections caused by them.

2. Cough Relief

The Basil ingredient is syrups and expectorants. neck pain can also be alleviated with a gargle with boiled water to the plant leaves. The herb is also effective for other respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

3. Improve the immune system

The improvement of the immune system is also one of the basil benefits. Studies show that various chemical components of the plant increases production of antibodies up to 20%. By strengthening the immune system the plant protects against asthma, allergies, arthritis, cancer, colds and flu. For best results, it is recommended to prefer fresh leaf and not dry.

4. Anti-stress

The basil leaves are also identified by decreasing stress. Experts recommend chewing 10 to 12 leaves of basil twice a day, to prevent stress and problems arising from this evil.

5. Improves Vision

Vitamin A present in basil has antioxidant properties, highly beneficial to eye health. Only fresh basil 100g correspond to the recommended daily dose of vitamin A to the body.

6. Improve the skin

Other benefits of basil are preventing the appearance of acne and accelerate the wound healing process in the skin. Your extract helps to eliminate the bacteria present in the dermis, resulting in clogging of the pores, the main cause of acne.

Basil properties reduce skin inflammation and are used to treat other problems such as ringworm, psoriasis and insect bites. The herb is considered excellent in the prevention and treatment of skin cancer.

7. Improves oral health

Studies show that Basil properties are also effective in combating bad breath and periodontal disease.

8. Eliminates kidney stones

The basil has powerful effect on kidney function. To optimize the body indicated the consumption of 6 fresh leaves with water fasting. For those suffering from kidney stones is good to mix juice extracted from basil with honey and take the mixture daily for about 6 months. The procedure facilitates the removal of kidney stones through urine. The plant is also beneficial for healing various urinary problems.

9. Treat stomach problems

Basil consumption also is good for the digestive system. The juice extracted from its leaves can treat stomach pain or cramps. Your tea is also used to treat other common stomach problems, such as constipation, indigestion, and acid batteries. Its medicinal properties also help heal gastric ulcers and peptic ulcer, and improve liver function.

10. Headache Relief

Another of the benefits of basil is a muscle relaxant function. The plant can be chewed, ingested as tea or be applied as oil directly into the body to relieve tension in the muscles and headaches.

11. Cardiovascular system

The powerful antioxidant compounds found in the herb help to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the chances of developing coronary artery disease. Basil properties as magnesium help relaxing muscles and improving blood flow in the body.

12. Respiratory system

The herb also promotes respiratory health, as it helps to improve the performance of the lungs. The essential oils of basil are good to cure bronchitis and congestion of the lungs. The plant is also very useful in the treatment of tuberculosis.

13. Nervous System

Improving brain function is yet another of basil benefits, since it normalizes neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Your extract works as a brain tonic and helps sharpen memory.

What benefits Basil serve more to help your health? You usually use it often in your meals? Comment below!