How to Make Ginger Tea – Recipe and Tips

Ginger tea

natural and easy recipe, ginger tea has several benefits related to the human body, being especially indicated in cases of flu, colds and coughs. Consumption should be tempered, however, not more than two cups of drink per day, except in the treatment of persistent coughs.

The benefits of ginger tea for health are numerous. But for serving the drink, and how to make ginger tea?

What is the ginger tea? 

This Asian root has bactericidal and fungicidal characteristics, anti-inflammatory, is diuretic, relieves stomach pain and nausea, improves digestion and blood circulation and boosts the immune system. Several studies also about the possibility of ginger have anticarcinogenic effects and of its role in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

It is a plant that also stimulates the heating of the body, especially the extremities (hands and feet), to stimulate the capsaicin receptor - the same component that gives the peppers burning - being considered a "warming herb."

This quality gives the thermogenic ginger quality slimming tea, especially by speeding up the metabolism and thus stimulate fat burning, although the body is not moving. Together with its diuretic feature, ginger tea is a natural and healthy drink for faster weight loss.

How to make tea ginger

Sold in bags, dehydrated, powdered or fresh ginger is relatively easy to be found in markets or fairs. To make the most of its benefits, however, it recommends the use of fresh root and knowledge of how to make ginger tea at home.

There are different recipes for drinks made from ginger tea, making it tastier or amplifying their properties. We describe below two easy recipes on how to make ginger tea.

1. simple ginger tea recipe


  • About 2 to 3 cm of fresh ginger or 5 tablespoons of grated ginger root;
  • 1 liter of water.


After washing well and have cut or grated root, expect the water to boil over high heat and add the ginger. Cover the pan, reduce the heat to reduce the boil and wait 8-10 minutes. Turn off the stove, expect warm and strain before consuming.

2. Ginger tea with lemon

After heating the water and adding ginger, use the juice of a lemon or cut the fruit in half and put in shell, into the mix. Cover the pan, reduce the heat, and wait for 8-10 minutes until the end of the infusion. 

Tips on how to prepare, take and store tea

  • Take care not to overheat the root, as ginger can lose some of its properties;
  • The grated ginger releases more their substances, but it becomes more sensitive to overheating and makes tea has a stronger flavor;
  • Use brown sugar or honey to sweeten the healthy way ginger tea;
  • If you want to weaken the strong flavor of the tea, add more water or honey to drink;
  • By placing with lemon peel on ginger tea, the mixture becomes a great natural diuretic, and contain antioxidants from the fruit. The bark helps to add fiber and increases the feeling of satiety drink, and take it during the day helps to control greed and anxiety;
  • You can store the tea in order to take it during the day, and the only change to the iced tea is store it in the refrigerator after preparation. It can even be reheated;
  • To speed up the effects of ginger tea can substitute water for green tea or mate tea at the time to prepare it, since both are thermogenic and diuretics.


  • The ginger tea helps reduce sugar levels in the blood, reducing its viscosity and acting as an anticoagulant. The result is an increased possibility of bleeding and bruising, making ginger should not be used by those who use synthetic drugs for this purpose without consulting a doctor first;
  • One should not take it in cases of high fever (>38 ° C), if there is inflammation in the skin, ulcers or gall stones;
  • Before taking ginger tea during pregnancy is to argue about their consumption with an obstetrician;
  • There are no magic formulas for weight loss and, although the ginger tea helps to achieve this goal, you must balance your intake with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

You have the habit of preparing teas to do at home? What are your favorites? Do you have the intention to take ginger tea to lose weight? Comment below!