10 Benefits of Beer Yeast – For Serving and properties

Brewer's yeast

The word beer can lead many people to interpret, immediately, that the Happy Hour can have many other benefits that only the company of friends, but it's not exactly the drink that we will talk. We will speak of vitamin supplement, and what are the contributions that their consumption can offer, not only to help in maintaining good form, but mainly to support the proper functioning of the body, and overall health of the body. The benefits of brewer's yeast can be more convenient than we think, so we know their properties and actions enables the best action of its nutrients.

Some vendors manipulate the brewer's yeast, and offers versions of tablets, or even powder, combined with other nutrients, which creates suspicion, and requires a breakdown of the composition before its consumption. The consumption of beer yeast must be accompanied by a health professional, which adequará the necessary doses for each objective and individual characteristics.

Nutriconais properties Yeast Beer

You may see the nutritional information on a beer levede teaspoon (3g)

Energy10 calories
carbohydrates1.1 g
proteins1.4 g
fats0.1 g
fibers0.9 g

Benefits of brewer's yeast - What is and properties

The manufacture of beverages and pasta, yeast properties support fermentation, but its action on health may be higher, acting against conditions that require treatment and care. Its most common use is for vegetarians, who are always looking for supplements to implementation of power. The purchased version goes through a pasteurization process, which further optimizes the existing properties. It can be found in health food stores, supermarkets, or even in health food stores.

1. Effects on glucose, diabetes and appetite

Add the brewer's yeast can reduce anxiety for sweets, which saves you burle diets, and take control of your weight. This benefit is obtained thanks to the chrome portion contained in the yeast, and this nutrient is very effective in balance and insulin function on the body, preserving sugar levels in the bloodstream, healthily and reducing the likelihood of Diabetes and even help those who already deal with this. Chromium contained in the brewer's yeast supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, turning them into energy for the main activities. It indicates the average consumption of 9 grams per day may reduce by more than 40% of sugar levels. For diabetics, the adding beer yeast to the menu, it can reduce insulin intake portion.

2 Weight Control

Diet is rather the safest way to weight loss, but when consuming brewer's yeast, you will increase your intake of fiber, which can be used in favor of weight loss. The average intake of 30 grams of fiber daily can optimize caloric burn, and you may notice the benefits of brewer's yeast by reducing measures. The brewer's yeast is rich in protein and fiber, which contribute to satiety, inducing intake of fewer calories also beneficial for weight control.

Remember that even being functional for weight loss, the brewer's yeast should be consumed in moderation, to maintain control over the number of calories. It can be combined with vegetables and fruit salads. Attach it to protein sources may also be interesting for the preparation of a meal low in fat and high international functionality.

If uncontrollably consumed, the yeast beer can lead to weight gain. If you eat 3 tablespoons of yeast, you will be adding 95 calories to your daily menu. It is important to stand out that if you consume more calories you burn, regardless of what foods those calories contribute to weight gain.

3- Help on bowel function

Some people deal with swelling and discomfort caused due to irregular functioning of the intestinal flora. This factor can act negatively on the body of those who have difficulty in weight control. The brewer's yeast can support the strengthening of mucous membrane present in the intestine, thus preventing the actions of infectious bacteria, which may act adversely on the functioning of the body.

4- immune system

Note that the body is stronger and more resistant to external interference enables greater security to carry out daily activities, and the benefits of brewer's yeast can help your immune system, since it can be effective in providing vitamins, proteins, amino acids Essential, folic acid, selenium, thiamin, manganese, niacin, zinc, and many others. Selenium is one of the main responsible for this benefit, since it acts as an antioxidant, and is very practical to avoid damage caused by free radicals. And contain very low percentage of fat, brewer's yeast can act against bacteria, acting also in preventing pathogens.

5- Help in preventing cancer

It is said that the beer yeast may help prevent cancer. After several studies, it was stated that the brewer's yeast has an agent that can prevent negative interference on the chromosomes. The proteins present is that it can be responsible for a safer cell division.

6. Help the digestive system

It has been said that the benefits of brewer's yeast can reach the intestine, but their representation is not limited to this. The food composition can provide improved performance and the strengthening of the digestive system. The yeast is rich in good bacteria and even probiotics, which can prevent and even reduce some problems that prevent proper digestion process, as there are cases of diarrhea.

7- Support from PMS symptoms

The food is also named as support against PMS symptoms, reducing the possibility of bloating, mood swings and appetite, and reduce the impact of one of the main villains of women, the colic.

8- Improved skin

Acne affects not only teenagers but also adults, which creates discomfort and low self-esteem. What few people know is that the brewer's yeast can reduce the impact caused by them. It contributes to the health of the skin, and through the B complex of vitamins, can help balance nutritional levels, reducing the possibility of inflammation, which leads to the preservation of the skin. The brewer's yeast can reduce the likelihood of skin cancer.

9 Heart Health

Cholesterol can also be better controlled if you incorporate brewer's yeast to your meals. It can act on bad cholesterol, called LDL. If reconciled with a regular exercise routine, the benefits of brewer's yeast can be optimized, and not only the reduction of LDL remodeling, but also the increase in HDL, which is the good cholesterol. The possibility of acquiring heart disease becomes less obvious, or even the occurrence of heart attacks and cerebral vascular accident becomes less favorable.

10. Strengthening of the respiratory system

The benefits of brewer's yeast affect the immune system, and a better resistance to adversity, the respiratory system can be strengthened. The yeast can help fight colds and flu that harm the routine, especially in cases of allergies and wetter seasons.

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