6 Best Thermogenics World

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For those who already takes care of diet and physical activity practice with intensity but has been unable to eliminate excess fat, thermogenic may be an option to speed up metabolism and decrease fat stores - especially in the abdominal area.

This list brings thermogenic are currently most highly regarded among consumers. Certainly there are many other well respected but, for simplicity, we will keep only six in this article.

What are thermogenic?

Before we met the best thermogenic market, let us know what are the thermogenic - or fat burners, in English. As the name implies, these supplements increase the body temperature, increasing metabolism and causing the body to use fat reserves for energy.

The result of the use of thermogenic is a decrease in body fat levels, which can result in weight loss if it is accompanied by a balanced diet (no use taking thermogenic and continue eating poorly) and physical exercise.

Let's check the best thermogenic market from now:

1. Lipo 6 Nutrex


There's no way to talk about the best thermogenic the world without mentioning the Nutrex Lipo 6, one of the fat burners sell well all over the planet. In addition to the differential of being the first liquid thermogenic supplement - which makes their absorption much more quickly and efficiently, maximizing the results - Lipo 6 (both the white version and in Black), still has great reviews from its users.

Lipo 6 acts by two mechanisms: accelerates the burning of fat already stored in adipose tissue and also increases the use of fat ingested through food. As it contains caffeine in its composition, Lipo 6 also acts on the fluid retention, decreasing swelling and the accumulation of fat in the muscles.

Another advantage of Lipo 6 is that it has anti-catabolic feature because it prevents the body uses muscle fibers for energy.

Main substances Lipo 6: Caffeine, Synephrine HCL, Bioperine (stimulating extracted from the pepper seeds of the kingdom and yohimbine).

2. Man Scorch

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Produced by the American laboratory MAN, the fat burner is said Scorch different from the others because, according to the manufacturer, does not cause the same side effects of other thermogenic - such as shaking and trembling. What, in practice, it sounds strange, since the MAN Scorch contains caffeine in their formula. And caffeine can indeed cause palpitations, restlessness and insomnia.

MAN also ensures that the Scorch speeds up metabolism while decreasing stress, fatigue and lack of energy. These properties MAN Scorch are due to the presence of Rhodiola, a plant that eliminates depression and fights fatigue.

Some of the main components of MAN Scorch:

  • Raspberry ketone;
  • phenylethylamine;
  • synephrine;
  • evodiamine;
  • Caffeine;
  • Bioperine.

3. Epiburn Pro

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In addition to accelerate the burning of fat, Epiburn promises more energy, focus and willingness to workouts - property that is due in large part to the presence of traditional caffeine.

Produced by the creators of OxyElite Pro, Epiburn is defined as a "fat incinerator" which not only speeds up the metabolism and also improves appetite control and regulates the release of cortisol.

Other benefits include Epiburn lower absorption of fats and carbohydrates, better performance in training and possible weight loss associated with burning fat.

4. Super HD Cellucor


As the MAN Scorch, Super HD Cellucor thermogenic also has the Rhodiola and caffeine in their formula, two ingredients that together increase the focus and disposition during training.

Another Super HD ingredient is IFA503, a compound that reduces the body's ability to store fat and can act on the hypothalamus, promoting a better appetite control.

Main compounds of Super HD Cellucor:

  • Capsimax: capsaicin extract, a substance present in pepper that increases the burning of fat and can control the appetite;
  • Dandelion dandelion extract: has diuretic function and protects liver functions;
  • Evodiamine: plant that can limit the storage of fat.

In 2014, Super HD Cellucor was named best slimming of the year by the renowned site of bodybuilding bodybuilding.com.

5. OxyElite Pro

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Another best seller, the OxyElite Pro is still on the list of the best thermogenic most sold in the world despite the controversy that surrounds the supplement. In 2012 reports emerged that users had died after using together the OxyElite and Jacked 3d (pre-workout supplement).

Since then the supplement is banned in some countries, and its production is also being discontinued, although the manufacturer has made changes in the formula and affirm that the events were due to the combination of the two supplements and not the one of OxyElite Pro action.

The OxyElite Pro's mechanism of action is through a direct attack on the fat cells, which contain the alpha-2 receptor. It is believed that this receptor inhibits lipolysis, or fat burning. The OxyElite acts directly on the receiver, accelerating the breakdown of fat cells.

As its use is associated with a number of possible side effects (depression, fainting, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks), it is recommended not to use the OxyElite Pro (or any other thermogenic) without the accompaniment of a medical professional.

6. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite


For many, the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is one of the best thermogenic the world because it promotes fat burning while accelerating weight loss, as it has in its formula ingredients like green coffee extract, proven to help weight loss .

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite also improves concentration, increases focus, reduces fatigue and increases energy levels for training.


The use of thermogenic should always be done with proper professional support, because many of them contain stimulants and other substances that can cause a number of side effects such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, insomnia, increased blood pressure and difficulty concentrating.

Have you experienced any of these best thermogenic listed above? Which one and how were your results? Felt any side effects? Comment below!