Contraceptive Diane 35 Fattening or Lose weight?

Diane 35

Diane 35 is indicated, as well as other contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, but may be used for other functions and treatments such as hormonal disorders, severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, acne treatment, oiliness capital and other issues. It is manufactured by Schering laboratory, which is a reputable laboratory in the health sector.

The contraceptive Diane 35 fattening?

The views on this question are contradictory. Some reports of women who started using Diane 35 said they began to gain weight, but in other informative sites lies information that the contraceptive does not increase body weight and is even suitable for people who are overweight.

In the package leaflet nothing is said about weight gain or weight gain as adverse reactions, so if the gain or weight loss occurs, is directly associated with the metabolism of every woman and other extraneous factors.

Women with predisposition to fluid retention may notice an increase in swelling when starting to use the contraceptive, but this is usually an initial effect until the body gets used to the components of the formula, which usually takes about 2 to 3 months. Yet other women can see the swelling be perpetuated for several months.

And who says the contraceptive Diane lose weight? Similarly it can contribute to fluid retention, the birth might not interfere with anything in the weight of a person. Therefore, the subject is controversial and divergent. Because of this, it is best to make an appointment with a gynecologist in order to get an indication of a contraceptive facing their goals.

However, despite indication of a specialist, some unexpected effects may occur because they are not provided. In this case, a new appointment should be scheduled for explanation of the problems and possible exchange of brand / formula.

Reports from users

One of the users who are already taking the contraceptive for 22 years account that your weight remains stable, with no cases of weight gain or loss. Another user reports that since it began using the contraceptive lost weight 5 kg and you want to switch to another brand because it aims to put on weight.

However, another user said that the contraceptive Diane 35 fattening, reporting that gained 10 kg weight on the scale after starting to use it, while a third claims that began to emerge even more acne on your face, instead of improving. As already mentioned, the side effects may vary depending on the woman, according to their genetics or metabolism.

Benefits and contraindications of Diane 35

The contraceptive Diane 35 helps treat acne, menstrual disorders, to eliminate the excess hair and treat seborrhea, as well as, of course, prevent pregnancy. Not suitable for pregnant women or breast-feeding, or who have severe disturbances of liver function or history, Syndromes Dubin-Johnson and Rotor, patients with a history of thrombotic processes (blood clots in veins or arteries), history herpes pregnancy, endometriosis, severe diabetes with vascular changes and other problems.

Among the possible side effects of birth control are sinusitis, migraine and headaches, skin patches and nausea. the first pill on the first day of menstruation and then every other day at the same time to complete the chart should be ingested. When this occurs, it should establish a break of one week (7 days), at which should occur menstruation. On the eighth day should start a new pack on the same custom of that time.

other utilities

Bayer said Diane 35 is a medication approved by health authorities for the treatment of acne in women and for contraception in some countries. It is also approved for various indications in 116 countries where it is marketed. Therefore, many women can use the product with the main goal of reducing acne and not as contraception or other benefits.

Your specialist has prescribed the use of contraceptive Diane 35 for you? Heard reports known that gained or lost weight with its use? Comment below!