All about Dermaroller – What is uses, Pre- and Post and Where to Buy

All about Dermaroller - What is uses, Pre- and Post and Where to Buy

The relentless pursuit of beauty is a routine, especially for women. Every day, the cosmetic industry develops new appliances, new creams, new treatments ...

This procedure, as appropriate, need to be performed by dermatologists, however, for most common problems, you can do the treatment at home, by getting the device.

What is the Dermaroller?

The main use of the device is to stimulate collagen production, through micro-lesions caused by microneedles in the skin.

Each "small hole" will be filled by a new tissue. How are thousands of them, all the treated area will benefit.

As a defense reaction of the body, epithelial cells begin to multiply, and thus renew the tissues of the treated area, leaving the skin smoother, rejuvenated and beautiful.

Uses of Dermaroller

  • Lighten spots;
  • Treat and soften stretch marks;
  • To alleviate wrinkles and fine lines;
  • Treat and soften scars;
  • Treating acne;
  • Regenerating tissues were burned;
  • Increases circulation to the scalp, treating hair loss;
  • Wedge tissues, treating sagging;
  • Stimulate local circulation, helping to treat cellulite;
  • Rejuvenation of the treated area.

Advantages of using the Dermaroller

  • It is an aesthetic treatment that can be done at home;
  • Does not cause pain, when done correctly;
  • Easy to use, allowing the person to perform the self-application;
  • It facilitates the absorption of creams.

household x professional use

The devices differ in design, brand, price, size of the needles, etc. This is an important issue. Not all Dermarollers can be used at home. Some are exclusively for professional use in specialized clinics.

According to the size of needles, using the Derma roller applies as follows:

  • 0.5 mm For mild scars from acne, chicken pox and superficial wrinkles. It is ideal for use at home;
  • 1.0 mm: This option is ideal for small, shallow grooves, deeper scars of acne and chicken pox, also for cellulite lighter and less apparent, hair loss problems;
  • 1.5 mm: This type of device should be handled only by professionals. It is ideal for treating large and deep stretch marks and cellulite in the upper grades, as well as large scars and ugly appearance.

If the intention is domestic use, start with the Dermaroller 0.5mm. Take a test in small areas of the body to evaluate skin responses. When you feel safe, apply over larger areas.

Using the Dermaroller at home? 

There are no secrets to use derma roller.

  • First, clean the skin with your usual cleansing tonic;
  • The movements will be performed in vertical and horizontal and the diagonal. See the video*
  • Apply little pressure not to hurt the skin too. Go increasing this pressure sporadically over time;
  • The beginners should not exceed a weekly session, taking a few days of rest for the skin, between one session and another. If you notice that the skin became very redness (hyperemia), further extend the date of the next application;
  • When finished, be sure to sanitize your device with alcohol;
  • The use of sunscreen is recommended in the days following treatment, both domestic, and professional;
  • Allow time for your skin to respond to treatment. Shoot and after a few months, compare the before and after. Probably, you can notice the differences.

* In this video, the statement of movements Dermaroller.

How to choose a Dermaroller?

There are several brands of Derma roller, however, they are very similar. Perhaps the last thing to be taken into consideration for the purchase is the price.

Look for information on the device's home. Ideally be certified, bring use of manual, have the needles sterilized by gamma rays, etc.

Very careful with products purchased over the Internet without certification. Many of them are practically disposable.

Beware of origin 

Unfortunately, they are already being sold fake handsets in the market or very bad quality.

So before you buy, be wary of very cheap devices, unbranded or manufactured in a backyard without origin and without reliable source. When in doubt, review the package, the material of the product and the manufacturer's data. Look for references from other buyers, investigate the store that is selling and ask about warranties. This also applies to other health and beauty products you buy on the internet. The ease with which counterfeiters put their product on the internet is very large and because of that it is important to be very careful not to buy something and take another.

With this information, it will be easier to make a more detailed research on the product before deciding on a particular brand.

On the quality of needles 

The Dermaroller handset design is what matters least. You should be aware of the quality of the needles, as they will be coming into direct contact with skin.

Make sure the needles are surgical steel, so that there is the risk to bend during the process, or lose the tips, which can cause serious skin damage.

Another thing: they should be compulsorily sterilized by gamma rays, thus, will be free from viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Where to buy?

Based on the information provided in the preceding two items, you can search reputable products in equally reputable stores, both physical and virtual.

Watch out for shopping in virtual stores. Look for references from other buyers, review the available range and conditions of purchase. Be wary if the store only offer the deposit option or bank.

Now that the most important details have already been mentioned, search for where to buy your Dermaroller safely.

How is a session with a dermatologist? 

In practice, the procedures are different. By using the apparatus more pointed needles, there is no need of using a local anesthetic. After application of anesthesia, the patient will have to wait from 50 to 60 minutes, and only then begin the procedure.

Rolling with the Dermaroller can last 15-20 minutes. At the end it is customary to use a mask for the application of vitamin C for an additional 10 minutes.

As for the number of sessions required will depend on the type of the condition treated, but will need at least six sessions to see the first results. On average, a session with a professional can take an hour and a half, and its price can reach $ 250.00.

For obvious reasons, the apparatus should be used in clinical type disposable. Inquire before choosing this type of establishment.

Before and after

Dermaroller before-and-after

Dermaroller (1)



We must be aware of possible skin reactions after treatment:

  • inflammations;
  • infections;
  • allergic reactions, more common with the use of dubious origin apparatus;
  • keloid formation in people prone.

In any of these situations, or others not mentioned, discontinue treatment immediately and contact your doctor.


  • The skin of the forearm at its inside, closely resembles the facial skin. To start using the Dermaroller, this is a very appropriate area. Possibly, the results obtained in this area after the test will be repeated if applicable the Derma roller on the face;
  • Some people spend a numbing before starting the movements with the Dermaroller, however, this may mask the pain, causing the person to exercise greater pressure than it should in the area to be treated. When using the device at home, try to avoid this type of product, not to injure the skin without realizing it. In more serious cases, let a dermatologist perform this procedure;
  • Those who intend to use the Dermaroller on the scalp, it is important to note that the movements should be in one direction, with the washed and dried hair;
  • Makeup should not be used within 24 hours after the treatment;
  • The skin needs time to form a new fabric, therefore, no point in repeating the treatment in a short time;
  • The device does not have unlimited duration. It is advised to be exchanged twice a year.

Final considerations

The fact that this type of treatment can be performed at home does not mean it should be done indiscriminately, without direction, as if without risk.

It involves risks. Do not forget to inquire with a dermatologist. Only he can pass you the correct guidelines, device type, frequency of use, pre and post treatment creams. Acting with caution, the chances of success will be greater.

Do you know anyone who has used the Dermaroller for wrinkles, stretch marks, acne or cellulite, and has obtained good results? He wants to try it too far? Comment below!